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If you face criminal accusations in Wake County, whether felony or misdemeanor, federal or state, the most important decision you can make is to hire an attorney — and not just any attorney.

You want a lawyer with extensive experience and an in-depth knowledge of the courts in the Raleigh area. You want a lawyer with the broad range of skills necessary to attain the best possible result, whether they require tough negotiation or excellent courtroom presence. You want an attorney dedicated to you, who will answer your calls and make sure you are continually updated throughout these confusing proceedings.

At the Coolidge Law Firm, we are completely dedicated to defending the rights of those accused of breaking the law in Wake County, whether the offense is a traffic violation or a violent felony. We value communication, and are dedicated to answering your questions 24/7.

David A. Coolidge, Jr.

David A. Coolidge, Jr., leads the firm. Mr. Coolidge graduated in the top 5 percent of his class at Duke University. Instead of opting for a high-paying corporate counsel job, he dedicated himself to fighting for the rights of the accused.

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Chelsea Flynt

Chelsea Flynt is a criminal defense attorney at Coolidge Law Firm.

A native of Greenville, NC, Chelsea knew she wanted to be a lawyer when she was just 5 years old. During her formative years, her passion for law mixed with an interest in politics, and she majored in political science. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Chelsea was active in student government and volunteered with organizations such as the Autism Society of North Carolina.

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Brent Blakesley

Brent Blakesley is the office manager at the Coolidge Law Firm. He is a graduate of Duke University, where he received bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Linguistics, with a minor in Music.

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Eric Valencia

Eric Valencia is a legal assistant and the client relations coordinator at the Coolidge Law Firm. He keeps all of our clients informed throughout the entire court process.

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