It can be hard to find trusted legal representation. You may struggle with attorneys who always seem to put you on the back burner. This is the last thing you need if you are facing criminal charges. Rest assured the attorneys at Coolidge Law Firm always put their clients first. The following are some testimonials from prior clients that show our dedication to defense at Coolidge Law Firm.

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He was great. Kept me updated on the case, called me the day before every court appearance to make sure I didn't forget when I had to be in court, and did an awesome job representing me and winning the case. Even before the trial he explained everything to me in great detail, what the charges meant, what would happen if I was found guilty, what I would have to do throughout the process.
Brian Avvo
I hired David to help with a brush up with the law my 18 year old daughter got into. David crushed everybody on price, but still delivered five star service! He knows everybody at the court house, which helps. He’s super smart on the law. He and his staff are always available and maintain continuous updates and contact during the process, so you don’t feel frustrated, like you’re in an information void. This guy is a superstar on his way to being a top lawyer in Wake county. If you need legal help, hire him with the utmost confidence!
Scott Avvo

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